Sgt. Robert “Bobby” Dynerowicz's body will be returned to Kitchener and a funeral is planned for Monday. Dynerowicz died Tuesday after he was involved in an accident while riding in a light armoured vehicle during training at CFB Wainwright, Alta.
One thing's for sure about Thursday's Ontario budget from the Liberal government. You shouldn't expect Premier Kathleen Wynne to go away any time soon. CBC's Ontario political analyst Robert Fisher says her latest budget might turn public opinion back in her favour.
Canada's economy didn't expand in February, as a slight uptick in the service sector was offset by a small decline in the goods-producing sector, according to Statistics Canada.
First Nations police chiefs who met this week say they were shocked federal officials who attended their meeting could not provide any new details on planned changes to the government's First Nations Policing Program.
An email scam offering people an instant tax refund is on the rise in Canada this tax season.
Pharmacare is poised to become an election issue in Ontario, with Premier Kathleen Wynne promising free prescription drugs for children and young adults in Thursday's budget, and the NDP rolling out its own version earlier this week,
A large corporate tax cut proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump must still get approval from Congress before it sees the light of day, but it could have impacts on Canada, economists say.
Canada's much-loved Centennial Flame monument was built in the 1960s, long before the 1999 creation of Nunavut, so it lacks the shield and flower of the newest territory. But the Liberal government has plans to correct the omission, with a project to insert Nunavut's symbols.
Aura looks for intruders based on the subtle disturbances in wireless spectrum their movements make, like ripples in a lake.
Gay and bisexual men fleeing Chechnya need world leaders like Trudeau to speak out, as well as asylum options in Canada, say human rights groups and critics from the federal opposition parties.
"They need to look at accessibility from all sides," says a Toronto man with cerebral palsy who accuses Passport Canada of failing to accommodate him, after an attendant refused to help him fill in his renewal form.
The City of Kamloops, B.C., has declared a state of emergency and 22 people have been ordered evacuated from their homes due to an unstable slope.
Hundreds of people from more than a dozen organizations rallied and swarmed around cars outside the Saskatoon venue where Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall gave a keynote address at his Premier's Dinner event Thursday.
Ottawa captain Erik Karlsson's shot from the corner banked off New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and into the net to give the Ottawa Senators a 2-1 win in Game 1 Thursday in Ottawa.
The Toronto Transit Commission is grounding its fleet of articulated buses after maintenance staff experienced a "full throttle," or unexpected acceleration during routine maintenance Thursday afternoon.
B.C. Emergency Health Services says it responded to 130 suspected overdoses in the province on Wednesday, April 26. The previous record was 121, on Nov. 20, 2016.
South Korean immigration officials are forcing the closure of an international B.C. school and ordering 14 teachers, certified by the province, to leave the country for a year.
The career of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, once touted as the next chief of defence staff, could depend on the interpretation of the details in his back-channel email exchanges with a Quebec shipping executive about a proposed supply ship deal.
Senior federal government officials say an urgent phone call from Justin Trudeau to Donald Trump helped defuse the president’s latest threat to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement — even though they doubt Canada and Mexico were even the targets of this latest trade flare-up.
All Ontario children and adults younger than 25 will have their full prescription drug costs covered by a new provincial pharmacare program, regardless of family income or whether they already have private insurance.