We sat down with Richard Armstrong, VP of Solutions Engineering, Fortinet, to learn more about the NSE Xperts Academy taking place this week and the role it has for our valued partners in this industry context.
As we become even more integrated and interconnected, we need better ways to manage complexity. One way to accomplish this is through integration and automation for better visibility and control – especially in highly elastic environments. As a result, we’re seeing a need to move away from isolated point defense systems like individual firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to a more comprehensive risk-management framework that weaves disparate security devices into a single, holistic security fabric.  
Des voitures et navettes sans chauffeur circulent déjà sur les routes de l'Hexagone ou dans des quartiers d'affaires. A la manœuvre, constructeurs auto et opérateurs de transport.
Le revenu de solidarité active (RSA) assure un revenu minimal. Voici comment effectuer la simulation et calculer le montant auquel vous pouvez prétendre auprès de votre Caf.
Xavier Aymonod chez Transdev - Nicolas Brien chez France Digitale - Lucia Dumas chez L'Oréal - Célia Galas chez JobTeaser - Alain Guillou chez Naval Group...