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Security Affairs

    • 1 juin 2023Operation Triangulation: previously undetected malware targets iOS devices
      A previously undocumented APT group targets iOS devices with zero-click exploits as part of a long-running campaign dubbed Operation Triangulation. Researchers from the Russian firm Kaspersky have uncovered a previously unknown APT group that is targeting iOS devices with zero-click exploits as part of a long-running campaign dubbed Operation Triangulation. The experts uncovered the attack while m …

    • 1 juin 2023California-based workforce platform Prosperix leaks drivers licenses and medical records
      Prosperix leaked nearly 250,000 files. The breach exposed job seekers’ sensitive data, including home addresses and phone numbers. Prosperix, formally Crowdstaffing, calls itself a “workforce innovation” company that develops software solutions for businesses to build an “extraordinary” workforce. It lists KPMG, Walmart, NBCUniversal and Avon among brands that trust the company. On May 1st, the Cy …

    • 1 juin 2023Apps with over 420 Million downloads from Google Play unveil the discovery of SpinOk spyware
      Researchers discovered spyware, dubbed SpinOk, hidden in 101 Android apps with over 400 million downloads in Google Play. The malicious module is distributed as a marketing SDK that developers behind the apps embedded in their applications and games, including those available on Google Play. Upon executing the module, the malware-laced SDK connects to the C2 sending back a large amount of system i …

    • 1 juin 2023BlackCat claims the hack of the Casepoint legal technology platform used by US agencies
      The BlackCat ransomware gang claims to have hacked the Casepoint legal technology platform used US agencies, including SEC and FBI. The cybersecurity researcher Dominic Alvieri first noticed that the BlackCat ransomware gang added the company Casepoint to the list of victims on its Tor Dark Web site. Casepoint provides a leading legal discovery platform used by several US agencies, including the S …

    • 1 juin 2023Widespread exploitation by botnet operators of Zyxel firewall flaw
      Threat actors are actively exploiting a command injection flaw, tracked as CVE-2023-28771, in Zyxel firewalls to install malware. Threat actors are actively attempting to exploit a command injection vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-28771, that impacts Zyxel firewalls. Their objective is to leverage this vulnerability to deploy and install malware on the affected systems.US CISA added the vulnera …

    • 31 mai 2023Experts warn of backdoor-like behavior within Gigabyte systems
      Researchers discovered a suspected backdoor-like behavior within Gigabyte systems that exposes devices to compromise. Researchers from firmware security firm Eclypsium have discovered a suspected backdoor-like behavior within Gigabyte systems. The experts discovered that the firmware in Gigabyte systems drops and executes a Windows native executable during the system startup process. The executabl …

    • 31 mai 2023Threat actors are exploiting Barracuda Email Security Gateway bug since October 2022
      Recently disclosed zero-day flaw in Barracusa Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances had been actively exploited by attackers since October 2022. The network security solutions provider Barracuda recently warned customers that some of its Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances were recently breached by threat actors exploiting a now-patched zero-day vulnerability. The vulnerability, tracked as C …

    • 31 mai 2023Swiss real estate agency Neho fails to put a password on its systems
      A misconfiguration of Swiss real estate agency Neho’s systems exposed sensitive credentials to the public. Neho, a Switzerland-based real estate agency, leaked credentials recently, potentially allowing threat actors to prey on sensitive data about the company and its clients. A misconfiguration of Swiss real estate agency Neho’s systems exposed sensitive credentials to the public. Using leaked da …

    • 31 mai 2023Microsoft found a new bug that allows bypassing SIP root restrictions in macOS
      Apple fixed a vulnerability discovered by Microsoft researchers that lets attackers with root privileges bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP). Researchers from Microsoft discovered a vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-32369 and dubbed Migraine, that can allow attackers with root privileges to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP). System Integrity Protection (also referred to as rootle …

    • 30 mai 2023PyPI enforces 2FA authentication to prevent maintainers’ account takeover
      PyPI is going to enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) for all project maintainers by the end of this year over security concerns. Due to security concerns, PyPI will be mandating the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) for all project maintainers by the end of this year. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in supply chain attacks targeting the Python software repository. Threat ac …

The Hackers News

    • 1 juin 2023Evasive QBot Malware Leverages Short-lived Residential IPs for Dynamic Attacks
      An analysis of the « evasive and tenacious » malware known as QBot has revealed that 25% of its command-and-control (C2) servers are merely active for a single day. What’s more, 50% of the servers don’t remain active for more than a week, indicating the use of an adaptable and dynamic C2 infrastructure, Lumen Black Lotus Labs said in a report shared with The Hacker News. « This botnet has adapted

    • 1 juin 2023New Zero-Click Hack Targets iOS Users with Stealthy Root-Privilege Malware
      A previously unknown advanced persistent threat (APT) is targeting iOS devices as part of a sophisticated and long-running mobile campaign dubbed Operation Triangulation that began in 2019. « The targets are infected using zero-click exploits via the iMessage platform, and the malware runs with root privileges, gaining complete control over the device and user data, » Kaspersky said. The Russian

    • 1 juin 2023Unmasking XE Group: Experts Reveal Identity of Suspected Cybercrime Kingpin
      Cybersecurity researchers have unmasked the identity of one of the individuals who is believed to be associated with the e-crime actor known as XE Group. According to Menlo Security, which pieced together the information from different online sources, « Nguyen Huu Tai, who also goes by the names Joe Nguyen and Thanh Nguyen, has the strongest likelihood of being involved with the XE Group. » XE

    • 1 juin 2023Malicious PyPI Packages Using Compiled Python Code to Bypass Detection
      Researchers have discovered a novel attack on the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository that employs compiled Python code to sidestep detection by application security tools. « It may be the first supply chain attack to take advantage of the fact that Python bytecode (PYC) files can be directly executed, » ReversingLabs analyst Karlo Zanki said in a report shared with The Hacker News. The package

    • 1 juin 2023How Wazuh Improves IT Hygiene for Cyber Security Resilience
      IT hygiene is a security best practice that ensures that digital assets in an organization’s environment are secure and running properly. Good IT hygiene includes vulnerability management, security configuration assessments, maintaining asset and system inventories, and comprehensive visibility into the activities occurring in an environment. As technology advances and the tools used by

    • 1 juin 2023Improved BlackCat Ransomware Strikes with Lightning Speed and Stealthy Tactics
      The threat actors behind BlackCat ransomware have come up with an improved variant that prioritizes speed and stealth in an attempt to bypass security guardrails and achieve their goals. The new version, dubbed Sphynx and announced in February 2023, packs a « number of updated capabilities that strengthen the group’s efforts to evade detection, » IBM Security X-Force said in a new analysis. The  »

    • 1 juin 2023N. Korean ScarCruft Hackers Exploit LNK Files to Spread RokRAT
      Cybersecurity researchers have offered a closer look at the RokRAT remote access trojan that’s employed by the North Korean state-sponsored actor known as ScarCruft. « RokRAT is a sophisticated remote access trojan (RAT) that has been observed as a critical component within the attack chain, enabling the threat actors to gain unauthorized access, exfiltrate sensitive information, and potentially

    • 1 juin 2023Active Mirai Botnet Variant Exploiting Zyxel Devices for DDoS Attacks
      The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has added a recently patched critical security flaw in Zyxel gear to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog, citing evidence of active exploitation. Tracked as CVE-2023-28771 (CVSS score: 9.8), the issue relates to a command injection flaw impacting different firewall models that could enable an unauthenticated attacker …

    • 1 juin 2023Urgent WordPress Update Fixes Critical Flaw in Jetpack Plugin on Million of Sites
      WordPress has issued an automatic update to address a critical flaw in the Jetpack plugin that’s installed on over five million sites. The vulnerability, which was unearthed during an internal security audit, resides in an API present in the plugin since version 2.0, which was released in November 2012. “This vulnerability could be used by authors on a site to manipulate any files in the

    • 31 mai 2023Cybercriminals Targeting Apache NiFi Instances for Cryptocurrency Mining
      A financially motivated threat actor is actively scouring the internet for unprotected Apache NiFi instances to covertly install a cryptocurrency miner and facilitate lateral movement. The findings come from the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC), which detected a spike in HTTP requests for “/nifi” on May 19, 2023. “Persistence is achieved via timed processors or entries to cron,” said Dr. …

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Cyber Defense Magazine

    • 30 mai 2023Reduce Healthcare Insider Threats with Identity and Access Management
      By Zac Amos, Features Editor of ReHack Identity and access management (IAM) refers to the policies, procedures and technologies used to manage and control access to digital resources and systems. […] The post Reduce Healthcare Insider Threats with Identity and Access Management appeared first on Cyber Defense Magazine. …

    • 29 mai 2023Ransomware Takes No Prisoners
      By Monica Oravcova, COO and Co-Founder of Naoris Protocol The recent Killnet cyberattack that disrupted contact between NATO and military aircraft providing aid to victims of the Turkish-Syrian earthquake, is […] The post Ransomware Takes No Prisoners appeared first on Cyber Defense Magazine. …

    • 28 mai 2023Protecting Accounting Firms from Cyberattacks
      Cybersecurity Practices Must Be A Top Priority For Firms This Busy Season By Alan Hartwell, Chief Technology Officer at IRIS Software Group Financial service firms are a top target for […] The post Protecting Accounting Firms from Cyberattacks appeared first on Cyber Defense Magazine. …

    • 27 mai 2023Leadership Is Still Washing Their Hands of Cyber Risk
      By John A. Smith, CEO of Conversant Group Where it comes to owning responsibility for cyber risk, executive leadership has moved in and out of the spotlight like character actors […] The post Leadership Is Still Washing Their Hands of Cyber Risk appeared first on Cyber Defense Magazine. …

blackMORE Ops

    • 20 mai 2023Nyxt: Hacker’s Dream Browser
      In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the demand for specialized tools and platforms has grown exponentially. For hackers and technology enthusiasts, having a browser that caters to their unique needs and empowers their capabilities is crucial. Enter Nyxt, an innovative and versatile web browser designed specifically with hackers in mind. With its rich feature set, customizable … The post …

    • 19 mai 2023Migrate Plex Server – Ubuntu
      To migrate your Plex server to a new Ubuntu server, you can follow these steps: 1. Set up the new Ubuntu server: Install Ubuntu on the new server and ensure that it is up to date with the latest updates and packages. 2. Install Plex Media Server: On the new Ubuntu server, download and install … The post Migrate Plex Server – Ubuntu appeared first on blackMORE Ops. …

    • 19 mai 2023Boot Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS from USB SSD on Raspberry Pi 4
      This is a guide for configuring Raspberry Pi4 to boot Ubuntu from external USB SSD drive instead of SD card. SSD drives are much faster than SD cards, more reliable and now lower cost than SD cards for larger memory sizes.Instructions for Ubuntu server 22.04 LTS are provided. Note that earlier versions of Ubuntu are … The post Boot Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS from USB SSD on Raspberry Pi 4 appea …

    • 11 juin 2022Ubiquiti Dream Machine (UDM) – unable to connect to NBN
      I don’t want the NBN ISP router running anymore and use Ubiquiti Dream Machine (UDM) instead. But when I try to remove ISP Router it and direct connect UDM to NBN, the connection fails. UDM is set for DHCP, only other options are PPOE (which requires credentials) and Static IP (I have a dynamic IP). … The post Ubiquiti Dream Machine (UDM) – unable to connect to NBN appeared first …

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