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  • 30 juillet 2021The year of ransomware: Don’t be the next victim
    As organizations adjusted to pandemic-induced remote work, cybersecurity experts worried that cybercriminals would take advantage of relaxed security habits, and if that happened, the aftermath could result in massive cyberattacks.Well, during the worst of Covid-19, phishing campaigns skyrocketed, many of them centered on coronavirus concerns, testing, and later, on vaccines. And now we are seeing …

  • 9 juillet 2021AI in perspective: The risks, along with AI’s role to improve defenses
    As AI deployments proliferate for better decision making, they also present risks across a large spectrum – from job displacement and socioeconomic inequality, to automated bias, to data poisoning, privacy violations, and AI threats used by bad actors. At the same time, AI itself is becoming an emerging and key ingredient for organizations to better defend against attack. Join us as we discuss how …

  • 16 juin 2021Digital acceleration at Stanley Black & Decker places data at the center
    For Stanley Black & Decker, digital technologies are transforming every aspect of the company, from internal operations to customer experience to the products and services themselves. Recently, I spoke with Rhonda Gass, CIO, about her approach to strategy, architecture, and change management as well how her CIO role is evolving now and into the future.What follows is an edited version of our i …

  • 14 juin 2021The great cloud computing surge
    Driven in part by the pandemic, cloud computing adoption has reached new heights. These five articles take a close look at the implications.

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