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  • 12 mai 2021BrandPost: Episode 3: You’ve Passed CIAM 101 – Now It’s Time to Automate
    You’ve learned the basics of customer identity and access management (CIAM). And you’ve listened as experts from Okta explained the CIAM Maturity Curve, which helps organizations determine where they fall on the spectrum.In this third episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we will explore phase 2 on the CIAM Maturity Curve: Automated.Companies at phase 2 …

  • 10 mai 2021Ready for the hybrid workforce
    The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we work. Individuals with desk jobs, in particular, now have more options in terms of where they work and live, and how they manage their time. Some will return to onsite facilities, while others will remain in home offices.Organizations are now called to support a hybrid workforce future that offers potential benefits for both workers and enter …

  • 6 mai 2021Healthcare CIOs fear (and fend off) ransomware threats amid pandemic
    Mt. San Rafael Hospital thwarted a ransomware attack on one of its sister facilities earlier this year before anything could be compromised. The organization is still working through the details of the hack, says CIO Michael Archuleta, whose hospital is part of the BridgeCare Health Network, which includes five hospitals in Colorado.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story) …

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